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Industrial-grade GPU Computing Platform with 250W NVIDIA® GPU and Intel® Xeon® E3 v5 and 6th-Gen Core™ Processor
  • Supports Intel® Xeon® E3 v5 and 6th-Gen Core™ i7/i5 LGA1151 CPU

  • Supports NVIDIA® GPU with up to 250W TDP

  • Two x8, Gen3 PCIe slots for add-on cards

  • Dual GbE ports and four USB 3.0 ports

  • Dual DVI display outputs

  • Four 2.5" SATA drives with RAID 0/1/5/10 support

  • Automatic temperature sensing and fan control

  • Patented thermal design of ventilation hole for graphic card to allow -25°C to 60°C wide temperature system operation (* R.O.C Patent No. M534371)


 Nuvo-6018GC is world's first industrial-grade GPU computer supporting high-end graphics cards.
It's designed to fuel emerging GPU-accelerated applications, such as artificial intelligence, VR, autonomous driving and CUDA computing, by accommodating NVIDIA GTX 1080 or TITAN X GPU.

Leveraging Intel® C236 chipset, Nuvo-6018GC supports Xeon® E3 V5 and 6th-Gen Core™ i7/i5 CPU with up to 32 GB ECC/non-ECC DDR4 memory. It incorporates general computer I/O like Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 and serial ports. In addition to the x16 PCIe port for GPU installation, Nuvo-6108GC further provides two x8 PCIe slots so you can have additional devices for information collection and communication.

Nuvo-6108GC comes with sophisticated power design to handle heavy power consumption and power transient of a 250W GPU. Furthermore, to have reliable GPU performance for industrial environments, Nuvo-6018GC inherits Neousys' patented design* of tuned cold air intake to effectively dissipate the heat generated by GPU. This unique design guarantees the operation at 60°C with 100% GPU loading and make Nuvo-6018GC extremely reliable for demanding field usage 

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