Established in 1988, Peila Ltd. Provides advanced computing solutions to the civil and army industries. Our portfolio includes fan-less rugged compact computers, machine controllers, in-vehicle, video monitoring and distribution of memory cards and SSD.


We provide our clients high quality products from the best manufacturers around the word:


C&T Solutions – Manufactures of ruggedized computing systems and touch screen display panels which can be found in vehicles, digital signatures interfaces and digital information kiosks.


Neousys – Specializes in computers for information collection and processing, the automotive industry, analyzing video and other rugged solution for challenging work environments. 


Compulab – An Israeli company specializing in ARM based computer-on-module and ruggedized computers for industrial use. Their fan-less computers are compact and durable in extreme conditions and are used in robotics, video monitoring and aeronautics.


Cervoz – Develops and produces industrial storage and memory products which can withstand extreme temperatures of -45˚C to 85˚C. With high reliability and top compatibility, Cervoz offer high quality embedded products for long-term availability.


Peila Ltd. serves vast clientele and help them reach their technological goals. Our qualified staff will assist you assemble the best unit for your needs!



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